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Style XF2 style-Flat-Awesome + 2.2.12

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XF: 2.1, 2.2+​


  1. Download your style here (you may need to activate your license first)
  2. Go to your control panel, Appearance -> Styles -> Import, import the style zip you just downloaded
  3. Now click the + Add style button and fill in as followed:
    1. Title: Name Your Style
    2. .Description: Give a brief description of the style (optional)
    3. Important! Parent style: Set the style you imported on step 3 as the parent style
    4. You can set the style to the default forum style by choosing the radio button (highlighted in red below)

Few key points:​

  • Do not make edits inside the main style (the one that says (Parent DO NOT EDIT)
  • Any edits you want to make should go inside your child style, in the above example "My Style"
  • You will lose all customizations on upgrade if you customize the style that says (Parent DO NOT EDIT)
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