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DragonByte Credits 5.8.4

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DragonByte Credits - DragonByte Credits

Major Features

DragonByte Shop Integration:
All of your DragonByte Shop purchases will show up in DragonByte Credits, allowing you to fully utilise the power of the Credits mod to support your Shop!

Payment Profile integration: New in v5.5.0, you can now add DragonByte Credits as a payment profile. You can then apply this payment profile to things like user upgrades, DragonByte eCommerce products, and more! This feature will work with any 1st party or 3rd party system that...

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Admin updated DragonByte Credits with a new update entry:

[DBTech] DragonByte Credits

This version fixes a server error that would be displayed when creating a new Purchase event.
Fix: Fix server error when creating a new Purchase event
Fix: Fix rounding errors in transactions when using > 0 decimals
Fix: Fix AdminCP Adjust event being susceptible to currency limits
Fix: Correctly limit transactions based on their transaction date rather than the current time

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